Emerging Journeys

Hamilton-based Counselling and Psychotherapy services from a registered therapist.

Hello! I'm Jackie White

I work in a gentle and safe way to support individuals who are wanting to make changes to their lives.

Emerging Journeys Counselling Service

Welcome to Emerging Journeys. I have been in the counselling and natural therapies field for over 20 years now. Starting as a telephone counsellor, until having my practice now as counsellor and therapist.

I believe there are many things we can do for ourselves to make ourselves happy and live satisfying lives. Sometimes weneed a little help along the way. Especially to remind us of our wisdom and truth or even just to acknowledge who we are and that we are ok. We are made up of so many dimensions. Body, emotions, thoughts, soul. All need nourishment, all need listening to. Think about what parts of yourself you know you push aside and don't want to listen to. Does that work? I invite you to try something new. Something small.

Recent Articles

I maintain a small blog to provide helpful information to those who are interested.

What Makes A Counselling Session Effective?

I think willingness is the first factor. For someone to come to counselling they must be willing to explore what isn’t working in their life. It is helpful to have an open mind to a different perspective and also know that some work may be required to change any stubborn patterns of behaviour. Also important is […]

Your Rights When Receiving A Health or Disability Service

The Code of Rights gives you 10 rights. These are: To be treated with respect. To be treated fairly without pressure or discrimination. The right to dignity and independence. To receive a quality service and to be treated with care and skill. To be given information that you can understand in a way that helps […]